Luxury Home Buyers Love Waterfalls and Fountains

Our home should be a place of comfort and peace; somewhere that calms us from our busy lives. Luxury homeowners can afford amenities throughout their house that adds to this comforting feeling. One hot item being built in homes these days are waterfalls. Indoor and outdoor ponds and waterfalls not only look great but add a great feeling of relaxation to a home. The two most important characteristics to consider when designing a waterfall for your home should be the collection pond and the cascade.


Outdoor and indoor waterfalls are available in all shapes and sizes. The most difficult part of building an artificial waterfall is deciding on how to achieve the required height of the waterfall. You can use the existing slope of the property, or erect a beam or an artificial slope. There is no point in building a huge structure, as the expense will be equally big. A small structure is as effective in creating a soothing atmosphere as a bigger one.

Before building a waterfall or fountain, you need to consider the location. The fountain/waterfall must be visible and must gel with the existing natural landscape of your garden. You can use slate, stone, bronze or any other solid material to build the structure. Polyresin is a tough yet lightweight substitute for heavy stone or marble that can take on the appearance of a variety of finishes without being too heavy on the wallet.

A perfect fountain/waterfall needs to strike equilibrium between merging into the existing surroundings and standing out as a focal point. If it is too small, it will fail to have much impact. On the other hand, if it is too big, it might look out of place. For narrow entrances and small balconies, you should choose a wall or tabletop fountain. In huge gardens, you can add depth by using a cascading waterfall.

Solar Fountains

With the rise in cost of energy, especially in California, more and more homeowners are trying to find alternative sources of energy. This has given a boost to the rise of solar fountains. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also very easy on the pocketbook. Solar fountains run on sunlight. Since there is no electricity needed, they do not need to be situated near a power source. Thus, there is no position restriction. Solar pond fountains can be placed on the pond itself. There are no cords to contend with, which can be a hazard around water. They can float around on the pond – you can also use a rope and an anchor to keep them in place. Solar fountains need almost no maintenance, do not emit noise and are safe for use around children and pets.

Solar fountains can be easily used in the winter, as long as the temperature does not fall below freezing. If the solar panel is linked to the fountain during icy weather and it is sunny outside, the pump may bet dented. It is best to detach your solar fountain in inclement weather.

Waterfalls and fountains can greatly enhance the look of your home along with the resale value. If you like the look of waterfalls and fountains, but don’t feel skilled enough to install them yourself, you can hire a landscaper or home improvement professional – they will able to do the job in a day or less.