Business Management – Creating an Effective To-Do List

When it comes to business the saying time is money rings true. Business managers and executives are paid a lot of money to make the right decisions and to make them fast. The skill of decision making is essential when it comes to being a successful and effective manager.In many cases fast decision making can be far more productive and cost effective than delaying a decision later. An effective manager is well prepared, they know and understand what needs to get done, and they base every decision they make on thorough well researched data and information. When they have all the necessary information at a hand they make the decision without hesitation and act upon it immediately.The problem with many managers today is that they find out that it is very hard to carry out this essential skill. Many managers have a habit of delaying and procrastinating over making decisions because they are waiting for that little extra piece of information. Other managers and executives avoid making decisions because they feel they will make a mistake. There are many reasons for these problems that can stem from a lack of confidence or poor and inadequate training.If you are a manager or an executive who is finding it hard to make decisions then there are techniques that you can do to help you become a better more confident decision maker. The best way to start is by writing up a to-do list. Your to-do list is a list of actions that you need to take. Your to-do list should include items that are relevant to move you forward to achieving your objectives and your short and long term goals. The to-do list will control what you do and when you do it.When you have your list go through it ruthlessly and remove any tasks that do not contribute to you achieving your objectives. Color code each task depending on how straight forward it is. For example, if the tasks are easy and you have done them before then color them in green. If the tasks are more difficult where you will need extra help or training to do them then, color these in orange. Color tasks in red if you consider them to pose a big problem such as an activity that will make you over extend your budget. Write down beside the red tasks possible solutions to get around the problem.The next stage is to assign a schedule to each task. Obviously the more time should be allocated to the top priority tasks.