Business Management Tips

Who you hire is very important when it comes to business management. It is common for people to hire their friends to come and work for them as a manager or as employees within an organization. It rarely works when you hire your friends to work for or with you. When your friends work for you as a manager, they may feel that the rules don’t apply to them as they do the rest of the staff. They think they can get away with a little bit more than everyone else and they might push the envelope. If you cherish your friendship, politely tell your friends that you cannot hire them because you don’t want to mix personal relationships with business.Knowledge is vital. However, business management that is effective doesn’t require an expert in a field. It requires someone who is knowledgeable; however education and knowledge alone are not even close to being enough. Some of the things that you need in addition to knowledge that will make you successful in your management position include passion, leadership, personality, trust, integrity, and motivation. These are not skills that you can learn in school where you earned your degree or certificate, but rather come from experience and intuition. Some people are born leaders and others are not. You can learn about these skills and practice them in everything you do to try and become a good leader.Decision making is a business management requirement that some people are very bad at. If you want to be a good manager then you need to be good at making decisions. This means that you never make a decision on the drop of a hat. Always weigh the strong and weak points of your decision, how it may affect other people or processes, and then decide. Be smart about decision making, and never be too spontaneous. If a boss knows how spontaneous you are, he or she may think you would be too dangerous to hire as a manager.Business management requires personal skills and attributes from people in order for them to effectively make a positive impact on an organization. These things include being able to wisely make decisions, leadership, knowing who to hire, and knowledge.

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Small Business Management Software – 4 Important Software to Use In Your Online Business

One of the advantages of having an online business is the idea that you can actually have a small business management software to help you run your business almost in auto-pilot. With a few software installed in your business’ website, you can actually free up more time in managing your business.Whether you are still starting with your online business or you are just bringing your business online to reach out to more customers, learning how to automate your business is indeed a useful one. Here are some of the software that will help you run your online business conveniently.1. Shopping cart software. Especially if you are into retail or you are selling various types of products and services, it is very useful to have a shopping cart software that allows your online customers to just put their orders in the cart and conveniently pay them once they have done their online shopping.2. Order tracking software. Getting a software that allows your customers to track their orders and the status of delivery is also another important tool you can use for your business. Even in small businesses, setting up this tool can help you gain the trust of your customers as well as cut down the number of emails and inquiries you get especially those that are just asking for the status of their orders.3. Accounting and bookkeeping software. Another important small business management software is the software that allows you to make your books and record your business transactions as they happen. This is truly helpful in making your books fast, easy and convenient and allows you to have proper business records as well. Although you may still need to check and go over the transactions in your books, having a software will make everything easy and fast.4. Software on customer support. Another important software that you can use for your small business online is a tool that allows your customer to reach you easily if they have questions and inquiries about your products or services. By having a good customer support, you can also earn the trust of your customers and give them the assurance that you can be reached at any time. Good customer support is indeed, one of the many factors that can attract customers to a business, especially when it comes to online businesses where people are cautious in dealing with people and businesses online.Aside from these 4 important software that you can get for your business, it is also important that you put up a professional business website online. Aside from the ease and convenience of transacting online with your business, customers are often attracted to and enticed through a well organized website where they can browse through your product, check out the specifications and make some orders. Of course, easy buying starts from the choosing and the comparing and the ease of browsing your online store, so take your website design a consideration as well.

Top Ten Business Management Apps

Efficiently managing your employees and keeping them focused and on task can be hard work. Several programs exist to increase productivity and maximise profit. They can automate the most time-costly processes involved in running a business. These applications are the best ten of the bunch in my opinion.1. is in my opinion the best new business management software out there. It combines a powerful project management tool with functional sales and CRM tools, plus a superb personalised support service that empowers your support staff. The project management section is incredibly easy to use. You can create milestones to give your employees something to work towards, move tasks between projects with a few clicks and your employees can log time worked on each specific task. I really cant recommend highly enough. Its like Basecamp, Salesforce and Helpdeskpilot rolled into one! is free indefinitely for up to 3 users so it’s perfect for small businesses or startups. Their pro plan allows unlimited users and is £9 per user per month.2. GoogleDocs
GoogleDocs is the perfect way to manage and share your business documents. All your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and reports can be uploaded from your desktop within minutes and viewed and edited by the members of your team. It even has support for mobile devices so you can access your documents on the move. GoogleDocs is invaluble for businesses who need to share their documents instantly between employees, clients and suppliers.To use GoogleDocs you need to create a Google Account. This is completely free of charge and gives you access to all of Googles other services like Gmail, GoogleTalk etc.3. Solar Accounts
Solar Accounts is a simple, easy to use accounting software for small businesses or self employed individuals. It features double-entry bookkeeping, transaction history, customisable invoices and instant access to your financial records.You can get Solar Accounts for free for a 60 day trial period but after that you have to pay a one-time fee of £124.99 to continue using it.4. agreeAdate
agreeAdate is a really useful program for organising meetings, conference calls, appointments, staff interviews and more. You can quickly and easily find when people are free and then schedule a meeting or appointment that is convenient for everyone.Registering for agreeAdate is completely free. With the free membership you can plan events for up to 10 people. If you need to create events for more people you can upgrade to a premium account for $3.99 or $7.99.5. Toggl
Toggl is a helpful time-tracking app that supports live tracking or the timesheet approach, depending on how you run your business. Designed for large or small teams, Toggl lets you assign different rates to each team member or each product or client. With support for mobiles and multiple languages, Toggl is invaluable for businesses that want to keep track of every minute.However, you don’t get all this stuff for free; Toggl’s prices range from $5 a month for 1 user to $79 a month for max 40 users.6. GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting is a tool that enables you to host an online conference for up to 15 people at a time. Using this app you can share your screen with all the attendees, hand over keyboard control to another attendee, and change who’s screen is being shared.GoToMeeting is free for a 30 day trial period and after this it costs £29 a month.7. SageOne Accounts
SageOne Accounts is online accounting software like Solar Accounts but you don’t have to download anything. With SageOne Accounts you can view an instant snapshot of your businesses performance, automatically keep on top of VAT and keep all your customers and suppliers in one place. SageOne also features a 24/7 telephone helpline in case you get stuck and you can access it anywhere with an internet connection.SageOne is free for 30 days and costs £10 per month after that.8. NetSuite
NetSuite is a business management software that’s been around for a while, hence some of its features are a little dated. With NetSuite you can manage your businesses finances, customer relations and ecommerce from one program. It’s designed for large businesses and corporations and has a price to match: $1,188.00!9. Mozy
Mozy is an online backup service that allows you to keep all your files safe even if your office explodes. You can select the files you want backed up and Mozy will archive them either in bulk as you sleep, or in real-time as the files are modified. Your information is kept secure with military-grade encryption and strict security policies.Mozy costs £3.99 per month for a desktop and £6.99 per month for a server.10. Vyew
Vyew is an online collaboration program that lets you work together with colleagues all over the world in real time. Vyew gives you a simple whiteboard where you can share ideas, upload documents for discussion or even share your desktop.Vyew is totally free for up to 10 live participants, but if you register for $9.95 a month you get rid of the adverts and you also get a host of additional features such as VoIP and multiple meetings.